Wormtown Ska Promotions Presents The Pants w/ Archie Alone Poor Jeremy & Sustain - (Worcester)

Posted on: 05/14/13


Wormtown Ska brings back Punk and Ska to The Raven! With: The Pants! (Pop Punk from NH)http://thepantsamerica.bandcamp.com/ Archie Alone (Punk / Melodic Punk from NJ)https://soundcloud.com/archie-alone Poor Jeremy (Punk/Ska from Boston MA)https://www.facebook.com/PoorJeremy Sustain (Pop Punk Ska from MA)https://www.facebook.com/musicsustain Do It Yourself Wormtown Ska Promotions, a not-for-profit project. - "For the artists, & for the music."

Ad Number: 21085055